Pip install lxml


Hi, i’ve got a python-plain workspace, and i need lxml.
I tried with
pip install lxml
and memory+cpu went 100%, had to Ctrl+C out of it.
Then i tried with sudo, pip3, easy_install, nothing.
Any ideas?


how much memory does your workspace have? sudo pip install lxml worked for me on an workspace with 1gb memory, but it took 40~50 seconds to compile


some files can be cpu heavy for some reason. Installing pandas and numpy for me used 100% cpu and took a bit to compile. If you’re on the free tier, you just have to be patient and trust the process lol. As long as you haven’t been idle for over 5 minutes, then you should be fine. It just takes a while.


Thank you guys, it all worked.
I’m on free tier, and the workspace seemed frozen, so i thought of some limitations.
I let the compiler work some minutes and it all went ok.