Pip doesn't work in virtual environment [Python3.6]



Hi, everyone

I’v created a virtual environment under this folder

>>>C:\Users\Chien\jiebadev> C:\Python36\python -m venv myvenv
(myvenv) C:\Users\Chien\jiebadev>pip install jieba
Requirement already satisfied: jieba in c:\users\chien\jiebadev\myvenv\lib\site-packages


(myvenv) C:\Users\Chien\jiebadev>import jieba
'import' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.

even print() couldn’t work out here
It would be appreciated if anyone could tell me how to fix this!


I’m not that familiar with virtual environments, but to me it looks like you have a simple command prompt shell. In order to run python, you need to open a python shell, using C:\Python36\python, then try running import jieba.