Pin certain files to top of folder in navigation



I would like to be able to pin files to the top of a folder, and have the option to have files like “index.js” or “.gitignore” to be automatically sorted at the beginning or end of the files list. In addition, you should be able to hide/show files.


In the navigate pane, you can add certain files or folders to favorites, which will show them at the top of the entire pane. Is this what you’re looking for or do you want index.js to show up at the top of the folder it’s in?

Files can be hidden if you put a . in front of it but aside from that I’m not quite sure how this would work. How would you unhide files that you’ve hidden? How would you distinguish these from the classic . hidden files? As I envision it right now, it seems like it would be confusing having two different types of hidden files.


The favorites will put a file in its own section, that’s not what I mean. Basically you could automatically have certain files come at the top of the folder regardless of its alphabetical position. This would be nice for organizing, so I can files like “” aren’t mixed in with the rest.

I didn’t know you could put a dot in front of the file name to hide it, but I tried it and nothing happened. Maybe I’m doing it wrong?

I figured you could do it similar to the windows file browser where you can choose to show or hide hidden files, or perhaps show a list of hidden files to unhide them.


Ok I think I get it, so it would be like custom folder file ordering.

As for the hidden files, once you put a dot in front of it, you can toggle showing and hiding from the gearwheel. In the image below, you can see the .c9/ directory but as soon as I uncheck the option to show hidden files, it disappears.


Yeah, yeah that’s pretty much what I mean. As for the hidden folders, I’ve got it now. :+1: