phpMyAdmin stopped working



Hi , my workspace went into hibernation because of inactivity even though it was not inactive. PHPMYADMIN is not working anymore and if i try to install it again, terminal spits out following message :

manzorx:~/workspace (master) $ phpmyadmin-ctl install
Starting installation
Starting MySQL

  • Starting MySQL database server mysqld [ OK ]
  • Checking for tables which need an upgrade, are corrupt or were
    not closed cleanly.
    Configuring database
    Failed to configure database

My job is on the line - Error establishing a database connection

I had a look through our logs and it appears Cloud9 moved your workspace because your user account region was USA, but your workspace was located on our European servers. Did you access Cloud9 through a proxy in the USA? Or would anyone have accessed your account from that region?

For PHPMyAdmin it wasn’t working because apache wasn’t running. You can restart that with sudo service apache2 restart or by using the Apache runner. The Failed to configure database is because you’re already installed PHPMyAdmin previously. I’ve restarted Apache and you should be good to go again.


Thanks for the help! It was my friend , he was helping me with something. He created new account and i added him to the project. Shouldn’t be a problem anymore. Thanks again!


@timjrobinson I got an update, it happened again, my friend sent me a message when i was sleeping (10-11 hours ago). I tried accessing it now and it hibernated again.


It looks like your friend may have accessed it using your Cloud9 account again. Every time he connects from the USA Cloud9 will hibernate your workspace and attempt to restore it to a USA host causing this issue. He should only access the workspace from his own account.


Hi Tim,

I have a similar problem. I have a developer on India and when trying to Start the web application (from America) the web application doesn’t works.

The odd thing is that the apache and mysql services are both running but the preview page has the message:

No application seems to be running here!

What needs to be done on this case? c9 was the perfect solution for our dev teams dispersed on the world but this seems like a major limitation… :frowning: