PHP7 as default?




Why is PHP7 not installed as default when creating a new PHP/Apache workspace?
Think it would be wise to use newest versions.

, Kenneth


I second that. That would really help my workflow, as practically all meaningful frameworks are based off 7 nowadays.


Thank you for your messages :smiley:. This is in our roadmap, although I don’t have any solid dates for you.

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Thanks, will be great.
Takes hours for me to upgrade stuff and always getting into problems :frowning:


+1 – this should definitely be default.


Adding PHP7 as default should be a priority.
They are using 5.5? It’s soooo old.

Can’t even install a modern framework on it anymore, without wasting time to upgrade everything first.



I would also like this to be the default.


Any update on this? Will probably never see it… getting sick and tiered of this :frowning:


What you guys should do is create a workspace that only has PHP7 and clone that as a template for future projects.