PHP with XDebug is often unreliable - any solutions or alternatives?



I think this is a bug really, but seeing as I cannot reliably recreate it (reliably unreliable :expressionless: ) I’ve tagged it as support rather than bugs.

It seems like the connection to the debugger just drops for no apparent reason and no matter how many times or what combination of reloading the Runner and/or restarting the workspace it just doesn’t want to work for a while.

Sometimes I get the red “Connection to debugger lost” (or whatever it says) but not always…

Has anyone either got any suggestions on how to get re-synced/connected to xDebug with the browser session or failing that, a viable alternative?


Are there any XDebug logs that you can take a look at (you can enable these with the xdebug.remote_log value in the php.ini file: )? Additionally, is this affecting all of your workspaces (if other workspaces aren’t affected, could you try cloning the workspace)? A disconnect in the IDE’s terminal shouldn’t indicate a failing on the browser’s side, so any server-side logging would be best at this point.