PHP built-in web server issue


I’ve used this functionality before in a previous C9 project instance but can’t seem to get this to work, probably due to me doing more configuration of the server.

I’ve uninstalled PHP 5.4 and installed PHP 7.0 with no issue and had everything moved to use PHP 7. HTTPD24 seems to be installed correctly.

Just running PHP on a “hello world” file works fine.

I have tried to run the native “PHP (built-in web server)” and it says it is running, leaving me the standard message that it is running.

But when I try to visit the link it simply leaves me with a “taking too long” message.

I’m open to suggestions as to what could be wrong and able to provide information as needed to help with this issue. We would love to do testing in the cloud before we do any commits.


Minor update. I tried spinning up a new environment and running it vanilla… nothing wanted to work.

What is going on with this because I’d like to do my testing in the cloud too.