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Hello Is there any option how have NetBeans tooltip (autocomplete) like ?

Because when I write this in Netbeans I will see all methods in class which is in this variable, and other variables and parameters of these methods.

But Cloud9 in tooltip dont give any option, or any methods from this class.

Is there any option how have same autocomplete like Netbeans on the C9 ?

I try node.js workspace and this type of worspace provides in autocomplete what I want (methods in class etc.) But PHP didnt provide it.

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I’ve moved this topic to feature requests. Thanks for the examples, we’d like to add more autocomplete for PHP too, and will have a look at what Netbeans does and how we can make Cloud9 PHP as good as it is.


This is coming! We’re planning to release new code completion support for PHP either this week or the next. Hang tight and happy coding!


Awesome, I look forward :slight_smile:

Cloud9 have everythink what I and my team need (for colaboration), but PHP autocomplete is basic. For now.



new PHP autocomplete is up, its better but its not like NetBeans yet.

Finaly autocomplete methods in class, but not with parameters: and nobody want’s to open every method and look what parameters are required :slight_smile:

I’ll hope you will improve it :slight_smile: Thank you


Yes, bumping this because I’d still like to see more improvement here also.

Coming from PHPStorm, the lack of good autocomplete has been frustrating.

It only seems to autocomplete methods within files that you have open. If an interface is in a different file, it doesn’t show anything. This is probably related to the fact that you can’t even “jump to definition” if the definition is not in an opened file.

Would also be good to get the arguments. The completion in javascript is much better than what we have in PHP right now. I’m always forgetting the argument order for stuff like strpos() for example. Hope these improvements are on the roadmap.