PHP autocomplete - Sublime Text



This question might be dumbest one, but it’s important for me.

I’m a freelance WordPress Developer and i used to work on Sublime Text 3.
We all know about emmet, a way to code faster. In sublime text, we can write a shortcode and expand that to whole markup. But in cloud9 i cann’t expand php tag. I have to write <?php ?> every-time i need.

Is there anything to write php tag faster? am i missing something?


how do you write php tag in Sublime? cloud9 supports emmet, so issue must be caused either by using old version, or php tag being inserted by another mechanism


In sublime and cloud9, if i type div.className and press TAB. it create the div tag
<div class="className"></div>
In sublime, if i type php and press TAB. it creates the php tag <?php ?>
But, in cloud9 this php expand is not working. Any clue?