Persistent Dropbox sync


I followed the guide at to setup Dropbox sync on Cloud9. I was able to exclude certain folders and all works well. My primary application is pair programming in a commercial programming language (Matlab). We each run Matlab locally from the Dropbox folder and work on the code using Cloud9. So far so good.

My issue is that the Dropbox daemon drops after a few days. Roughly once a week, the Cloud9 workspace must be associated with Dropbox afresh. It’s not sufficient to type dropbox start. That only results in dropbox status always returning Starting.... It never really starts. Instead, I need to say ~/.dropbox-dist/dropboxd, head to the Dropbox website to authorize the association, and then start syncing with dropbox start.

How can I make the Dropbox sync persistent?



I would like to bump this topic as I’m experiencing the same issue and would also like to maintain the Dropbox sync without having to re-associate the Dropbox link every time as it is a bit frustrating!



I would like to mention, the reason dropbox continually needs to be reauthorized is it works on the host identity. That is, when the workspace changes servers after a certain period or when it resumes from hibernation, the server identity that the workspace is on has changed and thus needs to be authorized. I know it depends on the host’s MAC address and some other parameters that is unique to each machine but doesn’t seem to be affected if the mac address changes.

I know it’s a pain and I really can’t think of a workaround unless someone can automate the authentication process upon resuming a workspace.


Not sure if this helps but Brady mentioned that if using a SSH workspace your IP address will be static therefore possibly not requiring re-authorization.