Permission denied



Hi everyone, I am new with Clound9. There is a recent problem : the terminal always show permission denied for every command I used even in sub-directory. It only work when I added ‘sudo’ before it. Does anyone know why and how do I fix it. Thanks.


Sounds like the owner or permissions of the directory are off. Run ls -la and check that the owner and group are both ubuntu and then make sure the permissions are what you want them to be.


Hey @bradydowling, What if the Permissions are not ubuntu and is bitnami. I am trying to create flie on file tree and its giving me:

Failed to create folder ‘null’. Access denied acccessing this file or folder

Can you please advise how i can go around this? I am using AWS cloud 9 via aws lightsail Magento2 open source.

(new to this world)


got it figured out:

If you are using AWS cloud 9 lightsail (magento in my case) use:

sudo chown -R bitnami:bitnami /opt/bitnami/apps

this will allow you to have full access to your file tree to create new folders and files. (may do more not sure, as im now to this).

Thank you,