Pasting with Middle Mouse Button? (Linux)


The middle mouse button functionality on Linux does not work inside Cloud9.

If I try to paste the selected text into the terminal or in the text editor using the middle mouse button, it won’t paste anything.

I always have to go back to the selected text, Ctrl+C it, then try to paste it again. Pasting a copied text works with both Ctrl+V or the middle mouse button, but the expected functionality of the MMB is to instantly paste whatever is currently selected, without manually copying.

Is there any way to make this work with some keybinding config?


I think the issue boild down to the fact that a text selection in Cloud 9 is not a real native selection. It’s a HTML/CSS hackery to simulate a selection.

If I select anything in Cloud9, I can’t paste elsewhere using the MMB. My previous selected text from some other program is pasted instead.