Passport oauth using facebook - error is "Can't load url"


I’m getting an error when I try to use passport-oauth using facebook. I will post some screen shots. The github authentication works great but I can’t seem to go through facebook.


Can you try adding to it (that’s what’s in the Site URL box at the bottom, which doesn’t actually need the :8080 part since Cloud9 maps 8080 in your workspace to :80 and :8080). It would be useful if you could post the URL that you’re getting the error on. I’m not experienced with Facebook OAuth, but I’ve seen some platforms that differentiate between http and https in their app domains, so make sure those are the same.


Hey, thanks for getting back to me.
I’m gonna try your suggestion as soon as the facebook developers site is
back up and running.
I’ll let you know tonight or tomorrow my progress.
Marty K


I finally got it to work.
There is a product you can select called facebook login.
I had it selected. But I didn’t have all of the callbacks and urls
filled in correctly.
Now it works.