Passing the parameters to application/debugger


There is a line in runner configuration:
(see last variable - $args)

     "node $HOME/.c9/bin/c9gdbshim.js $project_path/build/application/$project_name $args",

but I don’t see where I can specify these arguments in GUI(?).
is this field “Command” ? tried to specify there, but application takes an empty parameter list…

please clarify


hi team

any update there?


Command field is the place to specify them. Do you test this on cloud9 workspace or with the sdk?


thank you for the reply, I’ve only tested on c9 workspace,
can this be somehow related with native code running? I mean no engine/interpreter specified, just executable is running directly?
anyway, let me provide here with full info how I’m starting this


field “Command” works oddly,
I believed that represents arguments only,
for C++ native development arguments are:
0. full executable path including the application

  1. command line parameter 1

    n. command line parameter n
    so if I’m running something like
    my_application param1 param2 /param3
    the array of the parameters will:
    size of args array is 4

but now args includdes ONLY what is in “Command” field.
from my perspective args array should include:
path+application + all argumets from “COmmand” field
that would be valid for C/C++

your opinoin?
it’s not clear for an understanding - when I’m configuring RunConfiguration this includes COmmand and Runner - both can include a command to run the application for the debugging .
it would be preferable to have an separated field for command line parameters to pass this into the application