Page Not Found for student workspaces



I am a teacher and just added a bunch of students to my team.

From my dashboard, I click on my team subscription and see all of my students, with an “Open” link to view what they’ve done so far. However, when clicking on the “Open” link, I get to a “Page Not Found 404” error page.

Should this be the case? Last year, before education accounts, I had to have every student share with me read/write access to their work spaces (for project grading and commenting purposes). Do I still need to have them do this in order to access their workspaces within the education team I created?

Thank you.


A followup question-- if I need to have students within a education team share workspace access with me still, is there a way to unshare access from students in the past? The list of workspaces shared with me is becoming harder and hard to sort through. Thanks!


Hmmm, I have no experience with the Education plan, but I’d be willing to give it a shot. Can you give me the URL that throws the 404? In my experience, it won’t 404 if you don’t have access, it will just tell you you don’t have access. I unfortunately don’t know about whether sharing is necessary, but I believe the answer to your follow-up question is that yes, you can unshare yourself by going into the workspace and clicking the trash can icon next to your name. You also may be able to do it in the dashboard, by clicking on a project, then a gear icon, and there may be a button there, I’m not sure if it’s different from other shared workspaces. Also, @moderators, looking at the “Shared with me” workspaces, would it be possible to add some actions on the dashboard like removing yourself from the workspace?


Here’s a URL:


Indeed, you do need to have each of your students share their workspaces with you in order to access them.

Have a look at this for how to remove yourself from a workspace.


Thank you! Knowing this is very helpful.