Overwrote my SSH public key



I have a rails project going on C9 and im learning how to use the environment. I was following the guide to commit to git however I created a new public key not realizing C9 gives you a default one in settings. Now I cant commit my workspace to git because i cant access the /.ssh/ directory to clip the key. Is there a way to revert my error?



Sounds like it’d be easiest just to:

  1. Download the files to your desktop
  2. Delete that project
  3. Create a new project
  4. Upload files from your desktop

Now you should have good files and a good SSH key. Be aware that your database won’t export so you’ll have to take care of that separately if you need stuff there.


Thanks Brady. Sounds like the reasonable thing to do. Interesting comment on db updates. Does it export the framework of the db and not the entries or is it completely separate? In either case I wonder if the migration files go to git.




Sounds like you’re using Rails (or something else I don’t have a ton of experience with) so I’m not sure I can get too specific with this but the download will just download the files you have in your workspace folder. If there are migration files there then it should get those even if they’re hidden. But it’s not gonna touch the DB :wink: