Overlay on my workspace - Can't click



When I logged into my workspace tonight, I found that there was a overlay on top the work space that asking me to select a theme.

It seems out of place like a graphical anomaly. I can’t click on anything that is under the overlay so I’m kind of stuck. I’m hoping I don’t have to delete the workspace itself. Does anyone have any ideas?

I’ve tried to get rid of it by:

  1. restarting workspace
  2. quitting web browser and restarting.
  3. logging out of cloud 9 and logging back in
  4. clearing cookies, history, etc.
  5. restarting the computer.
  6. finally, I used a completely different computer and got the same issue.


looks like setting tabsize to {} causes this error when opening welcome page.
Have you edited project settings with json view?


Thank you for your reply. I don’t remember changing the tab size but anything is possible. It’s all working now so thanks.