Options to increase workspace performance?


Hi Team,

I’ve been using C9 quite happily for many months now, but there’s one problem I’d like to get an (at least partial) solution for, and that is workspace peformance. On “good” days, everything is snappy and I get consistent experience comparable to a local workstation. On other days or hours, terminal interaction, file operations, content updates etc. become rather sluggish, and I find myself staring at the screen waiting for the issues to go away. I.e. the workspaces themselves remain online (minus very occasional outages), but everything from compilation to saving the files to typing in the terminal become annoyingly slow.

I’ve noticed that during those times, workspace hosts are getting 80%-100% load (as seen through htop), without me doing anything heavy (or changing anything in my workflow). I understand that these are shared systems, so some lag is due to other users running their workloads on the same machine. But it slows down quite a lot to become a major annoyance point. I’ve also ran a few comparisons with SSH workspaces (which are used by no one else but me) and can see the problem quite easily. On an SSH workspace, my compilation cycle for unit tests could be ~3-5 s, but for the same project running the same tests and everything else kept exactly the same, it’s > 10s on “good” days, and can get up to ~20-25 or more on others. Spending half a minute during unit tests becomes quite noticeable.

That leads me to the main question: is it currently possible to make hosted performance more consistent, or still better, throw more compute power towards it? We wouldn’t mind paying more to use > 1 vCPU, but it doesn’t seem to be even an option. I’ve already increased RAM to 2.5GB and disk to 4GB and rarely (if at all) run into issues with these. But CPU (or possibly file?) performance remains problematic.

It became such a friction point that I’ve just reconfigured all of my workspaces to run through SSH, but that created new problems, e.g. in how to proxy development servers for web apps etc. So SSH workspaces unfortunately appear to bring more pain than they’re worth.

Is there anything to address this pain point?

Sorry for complaining, and thanks a lot for an already otherwise excellent experience!
I still consider Cloud9 to be hands down the best cloud IDE out there.