Option of more HOT space instances + better email support



I run tech at a web development company. We use C9 for our sandbox development and have found out that sometimes we have to push out to clients to view projects. The 10 hot seats are rather too small because we roll out projects very fast, while trying to get feedback.
Because of the few instances, it gets frustrating when clients want to check and are blocked out. So two questions:

  1. Can there be a package with more instances for testing? Maybe one with twenty instances.
  2. I have emailed support on multiple times and have not gotten any response. As a premium user, I thought this was one of the benefits - to get support. But I don’t see or get any support and it’s so frustrating.


Interesting question. I guess you could create 2 premium accounts in the mean time.


The problem with that is I have to use two emails. I don’t want to do that. That comes as an extra cost.