Opening your workspace in a standalone window


Been trying to figure this out for a while, I know it’s possible because i accidentally did it once before, and loved the way it worked. Running it in a standalone window allows me to quickly switch between tabs with CTRL+Tab, and at the same time hop back and forth between chrome or whatever tutorial video I am watching or article I’m reading using ALT+Tab.
It also allows me to treat cloud9 like a program, since I’m on a chromebook this poses a benefit to me when navigating using my shelf.

I know it sounds like it shouldn’t matter, but I love my keyboard shortcuts and hate any time i have to run to my mouse for any reason. I find I can get around faster and easier with the keyboard, the mouse feels like it throws a wrench in things.

All I’m trying to do is run my workspace in its own window, as opposed to running it inside a web browser tab.
I am on a chromebook, so I cant download or install any software to run on its own for coding, and I really enjoyed working with cloud9 yesterday in what appeared to be a standalone program.

I dont know if i accidentally removed the workspace from the browser, or hid the browser UI from the workspace? I guess either one would work, since the cloud9 workspace resembles a program window itself.

Love my chromebook because it feels like a PC but doesn’t drain batteries like one. This thing will run for upwards of 10 hours of coding, periodically watching a tutorial video.

Thanks for any help


Install the cloud9 extension
And using context menu on the cloud9 icon in the launcher, pick to open it in as window.

You can also use this third party extension


Extremely helpful, Harutyun, thanks for your time in responding.

I couldn’t see the official cloud9 extension for anything more (Or in this case, less) then a website in a new window, maybe I am missing something there, but the third party extension you linked to worked perfectly. Opens cloud9 in what appears to be a dedicated process, separate from my chrome / internet browsing.

Mission accomplished! I can even pin this shortcut to my shelf. So useful.