Opening Collaboration tab freezes IDE


Collaboration tab became unusable today in our workspace. Opening the tab freezes user’s browser tab every time. Reconnecting to the workspace makes the workspace responsive again, but the issue doesn’t go away

This happened when we were chatting on Collaboration tab. My friend said that he tried to send many emojis to the chat and it just froze our browser tabs the workspace was in.

We tried restarting our workspace multiple times already and it didn’t fix the issue.

Of course moving to a new workspace would be a solution, but I’m just looking for another way of fixing it so we don’t need to move every time this happens.


seems like you have created a message 600k emojis, which when expanded becomes a string of 41mln characters, so browser runs out of memory, we’ll add a check for this to chat, but until that you can delete all file and chat history by deleting ~/.c9/ folder


Sure. Thanks for helping!