Opened workspace and asked to go premium


This morning I tried to load my Workspace, and the process was blocked with a prompt that I needed to become a Premium User. Followed the link, cost $200 odd per year. Shocked! But when I reloaded my Workspace no demand to become a Premium User. I was then able to work. Little concerned here. Is my Workspace indeed ‘Free, always’?


It sounds like your workspace was hibernated and when you opened it it was restoring. When free workspaces restore, there is a message prompting users to upgrade so they don’t have to deal with hibernate workspaces as much. If you do signup for premium, you can pay monthly or yearly.

Your workspace is indeed free so no need to worry there, you’ll just have to wait for it to restore whenever it hibernates. See Inactive Workspaces for more details about that.


Thanks very much for your reply. Appreciate learning about Hibernate. The odd thing is that I have gaining access to my Workspace everyday for many hours. Am I logging in incorrectly? I have been pursuing Is that wrong? When I try to just go to the ‘parent’ url for Cloud9, I am always redirected to


Sometimes workspaces are hibernated for operational procedures like server scaling and load balancing or for emergencies like hardware failure so this also could be the case for you.


So in the future I should always ignore warnings. Just that I am experiencing considerable progress in your Workspace, and have shared that Workspace in importantly seeking work. I am trusting that my Workspace will persist.


Liz McGurty


Yes, indeed. If you wish to stay as a free user, you can ignore these messages and trust that your workspace will persist.


Very much thanks to Cloud9!