On Save Strip WhiteSpace malfunctioning


Hey everybody!
Since a few hours, the option is also deleting the line where you are.
This is a | line (the | is my cursors) then I press ctrl+s and the line is like this This is a
It’s really anoying!
Anybody with the same issue?


Having exactly the same issue.


Same here, its also started opening the browser save page dialog when Ctrl-s, I’ve tested this in chrome and FF, same issues.Also reset c9 settings default


I seem to have fixed it for me, by changing the key-bindings platform property to win.

"key-bindings": {
        "@platform": "unix", <--- change to win and reload c9
        "@preset": "default",
        "json()": [


Does it change many things? I’m using linux so…


Im on linux also, im not even sure what it does. :confused:


Where can I access this file? Thanks for your info


Its in the user setting json file,

So click the Cloud9 bit and then in the dropdown its “Open your User Settings” then its on line 110


It doesn’t work to me


thanks, for reporting the issue. We are preparing a release with a fix


You are welcome! But please be fast :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:


I have never noticed that. Very odd. I changed my keybindings to win too but had no effect.


@jms1989 this was an issue with strip whitespace on save setting.
It should is fixed now