On Premise License


I would like to run cloud9 on premise on a off-internet intranet.

I can see that the SDK core license does not allow this (free for non commercial use), but I can’t find any information on how to get a license.
Is this something you are planning to offer?


The Cloud9 License for On Premises Commercial use is available here. You should have your corporate lawyers review it, and contact Cloud9 at support@c9.io to review the terms and come to an agreement on usage. Be aware that the Cloud9 SDK was intended for plugin development, and as such, it does not come with any account system or advanced collaboration tools. If you need this, you will have to develop them yourselves (this may be useful if you are using Active Directory, for instance).

DISCLAIMER: I don’t work for nor represent Cloud9


The version on Github is only for personal, non-commercial use.; for all other cases, you will need to use the version online at c9.io . If you would like to use the Cloud9 IDE on your own machines, we recommend setting up SSH workspaces; these will give you all the functionality of the IDE on machines of your choosing. You can read more about them here.

Hope this helps!


Hi @bryceito.

SSH workspace is not an option for me as my machines are not reachable from the internet.

I am willing to make the necessary development for an account system. I dont think this is such a big development especially when k8s can do most of the scheduling and persitent volume work, and I don’t need the collaboration feature.

I did contact support@c9.io with no response so far.


Hi @tardyp - if you don’t require the collaboration or other advanced features, you can try out the Cloud9v2 maintenance fork that was GPL licensed. Cheers!


Hi exsilium. Thanks for your work on maintaining the gpl version.

I tried both versions on the same server, and I can’t help to admit that the v3 added a number of improvement in term of usability and performance.
Notably my users need to work on million of files workspace, and v2 did seriously struggle with this configuration.

Since last message I actually did receive answer from c9 commercials, and it looks like they are not yet ready to support on-prem. This is understandable probably given the difference of markets.I respect their choice.

Koding offers another alternative, but has a very different approach. They have the whole user management backend open-sourced, but looking at their koding.com hardcoded everywhere, they probably don’t have a lot of on-prem customers as well.