Old c9 EDU account - Cannot add more than 50 members to team



Hi there, I am admin for a team on the old $1 per month EDU account. According to the old EDU FAQ, educational teams aren’t supposed to have any limits to how many members can be added to a team, but when I try to add new students at the moment, I just get an error message “You cannot add more then 50 members to your team” (sic).

Please advise how to resolve this issue.


This issue is also affecting my education account and team members. Without C9 Premium Support, I fear that there is no attention from the C9 staff responsible for supporting Education. I am hunting for the contact info of that human being to see if they can “jiggle the handle” to get things working as expected. If terms have changed without notification to existing users, I would be very disappointed to hear that.