Offline Cloud9 IDE


Hey guys! Before I go to a feature request I would just like to say thank you so much for creating Cloud9 IDE! It is the only most suitable IDE In the WORLD! So let me get on to my topic about feature request.

So what I’m requesting is that there may be a offline version of Cloud9 IDE. If you guys want you can make it perform a little less but still an offline one. Because I spend 1/3 of my day (when there is school), in my house. And after I study I go do Java on my desktop IDE (not online), because I don’t have a connection then.

So I would just like to make a request for an offline Cloud9 IDE! Thanks a lot @cloud9 for your support!

Collaboration, remote teams, local development question

There you go


Ok @EtienneWan But… i remember i tried that before and i failed. I will try again later. Ill update you guys with results!


Ok so when i get to this:


I get this:
. is not recognizable....

Wait i just went to the scripts folder then ran … is that what im suppose to do?

When i do that it is taking a long time like on this screen:



Ok i understand what to do but i need help here @EtienneWan ,@cloud9 , and @saccade … I get this when i try to run Cloud9.exe and i do exactly as the instructions say:

And when i go to the dev tools to see whats really wrong i get that require is not defined:

Please help guys! Thanks for your time! :smiley: . Help would be appreciated!


Just a quick question… Do you need Node and Npm Installed to have this? Because i dont have both…


Yes, both node and npm need to be installed

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install nodejs

sudo apt-get install npm

I have a couple of bash files that install a workspace dockerfile and then get a local version of cloud 9 running you may want to have a look at the later file.


Hmm? First of all i have windows… Second of all im confused on what to do…? @jerteach


It is actually really confusing, the point of cloud 9 is that it is online and you can access your files from anywhere. Hopefully you can use cloud 9 in that way. If not spend a bit of time getting familiar with nodejs on windows. Install some simple programs and try to use them. Then try the following commands, but I have been using them on a ubuntu linux machine so they may not work as well on windows.

git clone c9sdk

cd c9sdk

sudo ./scripts/

. ~/.nvm/

It is a bit more tricky to get apache2 working on your home machine, check the site to see what I had to do.

ignore the bash file as that automates loading a dockerfile on your machine.

Good luck this is not beginner stuff.

So I tried it on windows and it does not work, (windows does not like the sudo command and a .sh bash file does not work, you need a .bat file, even changing .sh to .bat runs it but other commands are not recognized) you could probably do the whole docker install on windows but that is even more complex (and a huge download).

Sorry. This is probably not very helpful but ubuntu is a reasonably easy install on an old laptop

but this is why I switched to cloud9 online since I don’t have to keep installing ubuntu on old machines.


I’ve thought a year ago of making an all-packed Cloud9 executable (with Docker to manage containers and a Dashboard like frontend that could interact with Docker through Node to start/stop/create containers) but I was clearly not enough experienced with Docker and had not so much time to work on it.


I hear your pain on the Docker experience, I started working with it about 3 months ago (with no prior knowledge) when I really wanted to get the android-SDK working on Cloud9, to let others make Android Apps from a workspace. I could clone so many useful things if Android was available, but docker is it’s own beast. Here is my journey Android SDK workspace template

Presently the workspace works on my machine, I am just waiting for Cloud9 to put the time into making it into a Cloud9 IDE workspace


Cloud9 executable? Im Preety Darn sure Exceutable Functions can be only made with C++,C, or Assembly…


What I meant with executable is more Desktop App. Today, it is possible to create applications using Web Technologies (Cordova for Android/iOS apps for example).


By Applications @EtienneWan i mean .exe files… not apk files … Also by this:

I meant Executable Files :laughing:


Would be cool if the online version took advantage of newer HTML5 features (app cache, service workers, etc.) to work offline.


Thats why there is localhost’s and Local IDE’s


Nope, that doesn’t fly. Why should I have to run a server to get something less good?
Not everyone has access to localhost, too and not every device has a good local IDE available.


Im just saying… When you program you primaly use Computers… Thats the primary source.


Offline capability would definitely be a plus and it’s not outside the realm of possibility. As I type this, I am not aware of any substantial work being done on this but it’s definitely something I’d like to see as well.


guys,. any update on this?