Offer cheaper tier for paid accounts



I noticed the recent decrease in free accounts limits and read the stance on it.

I agree that the new limits are more reasonable for a free account.

Might I suggest that there be a cheaper tier for paid accounts with some restrictions?

Some Ideas:

$10 a month: 3 private workspaces, 1 SSH workspace, 1 Hot Workspace, Increased Performance, Email support
$10 a month: Unlimited private workspaces (that can be resized) (no SSH, Hot workspaces, increased performance or email support)
$5 a month: 3 private workspaces (can be resized) (no SSH, Hot workspaces, increased performance or email support)

(Also, ability to resize workspaces RAM and disk space is a pretty big selling point, but hard to explain if they don’t know how the feature works)

You might also want to say on the Free tier “limited to 2GB disk and 512MB RAM” which could get the point across that “oh, the paid tiers can increase that?”

I’m just tossing ideas out there.

My two main hurdles for deciding on a cloud IDE I want to pay for is:

  1. Bitcoin payment: No one in the cloud IDE field accepts it yet
  2. Still don’t feel like there’s a good package that fits my needs without extra fluff at a reasonable price. Codeanywhere is also on my list, but their text editor has some issues with regex find and replace which irks me a lot…

tbh cloud 9 having a “bare bones” paid option that was only $5-10 a month might convince me and many others to finally take the plunge.

I think a lot of on-the-fencers who don’t have weird little qualms with codeanywhere probably went for the year up front freelancer plan they offer (works out to $7 a month) so finding a smaller package to sell at a lower price point might be good.


Actually pricing packages can be way better than that. Try looking at pricing packages. They have a $2/month and $7/month tier . . . There is some awesome value there. Not try to steer people to them but c9 would be vastly improved with a flood of paying customers. A $7 month plan is a good way to do that. So is the $2 a month plan.

It would be a great way to dominate the field and get more competition to drop out.


I concur with that, and even for professionnal use, a smaller paid plan would be enticing : I am in the situation where I need to have accounts for several cloud IDEs, and not rely on a single one, even though I use each of them only small part of the time (a large part of my work is done in Windows environments with Windows-only IDEs and tools).

So I end up with cloud IDE accounts at Cloud9, CodeAnywhere, Nitrous, …But going for something like $20/month, x 3 to 5 suppliers, each for intermittent usage, means $60 to $100 per month, which is too much.

So right now I am among those :

I think a monthly $10 / yearly $7 per month offer would be a good level for an entry-level paid plan.


I don’t get it. Codeanywhere offers super tiny containers. Cloud 9 offers bigger containers already on the free tier. What’s the problem?


For my use case it is the single private workspace limit : I would gladly pay a yearly subscription to a small plan including 3 private workspaces. With only one, you can’t for example clone it to another private one.

On the other hand you’re right about container size…I just understood that I can adjust my single private workspace :astonished:

EDIT :disappointed:


And they have still more memory than Codeanywhere.


Just to clarify, @b2m9, I think the $19 plan is quite good value for money, for people having a “reasonable” usage.

It happens that for my present use case, I may be using the service during 2 days, then not at all for 2 or 3 weeks, then 16 hours a day for 3 days, etc…and the same thing with 2 or 3 other suppliers.

So if I could have “small” plans for each of these, it would be nice.

But of course if I happen to be using C9 more often during the coming months (and more often than other C.IDEs), I’ll probably go for a yearly subsrciption to the C9 “Individual” plan, and perhaps I’ll be able to work with only 2 Cloud IDEs (on yearly paid plans) instead of 4.


I’m afraid your mistaken about the “tiny” part. They are big enough to do anything I’ve ever wanted. I’m not using it as a back up service or anything. 256MBs of RAM and 2GB’s of Solid state Drive space is plenty for me. Sure, it is less than Cloud 9 but It’s always been more than I need for a DEV server. Can always “ala carte” more of anything you want anyway . . .

Plus with codeanywhere you can connect it to any webserver that has FTP. So there you gave as much power as you need.

Cloud 9 (which I like a lot) has this FTP connection feature too but it’s still “experimental” and needs to be set up each time I open Cloud 9. At least for me.


19$ package is pretty good for people who wants those goods. But the thing is I just need 1 ssh workplace in addition to the free account. I am willing to pay 5$ just to get that, because all I need is a good online IDE, nothing more. Now I need to decide if I can spend 19$ just for ssh workspace (I am a student). Codeanywhere gives that for free, but I don’t like their editor. And 19$ is too much :confused:


I even agreed with the (relatively high but much more reasonable) pricing they had of $9/mo, but then it turned out that although claimed to ADD 2 private workspaces on top of the 1 private in the free tier, it was actually ONLY 2 private workspaces, meaning I can do pretty much the same with my free tier account and another account of a friend or alt email I have. Later that week it turned out they decided to cancel the $9/mo plan… poor pricing strategy. I still use the free account since they REALLY have the best web-IDE I found, and sometimes some public workspaces for testing new things, and I am sure if I’ll have a large number of projects the $19/mo is super duper deal for unlimited private workspaces and 3 hot ones, but currently I work as hired the $19/mo seems like a bit too much for what I play once in a while with