Npm jspm install failed, took all HD space?


Hi there.

I tried to install jspm via npm. It failed violently and appears to have eaten all my disk space.

Any ideas how I can fix the issue with the HD space?



It seems to be /home/ubuntu/.nvm that has taken up all the space. Can I simply delete this folder? Is that safe to do?


Yes, it is safe to delete that folder.
For a way of finding largest folders see


Thanks for the help.

I deleted the folder. Then I jumped through a whole bunch of hoops to get Node working again. The first npm install I then tried (firebase-tools) failed, once more devouring all my available space.

Is this something you can help with? If I can’t get this sorted I won’t be able to use my workspace any more.



This is resolved now. For the interested, I needed to bump the available HD space. Turns out node modules need a lot of space!