Not updating the preview after html file update


I came across a strange phenomenon.
The live preview cannot be updated after the html file had changed.

I had attempted to close the server, close the preview and run it all again with no success.
It is strange because the preview is actually displaying content that is not existed any more.
I assume there is some cash memory that is not updated and even a complete restart not helping.


Changes to files aren't propagating?

I am still having major issues in Chrome - Unusable. Change something in the css file and can take 30+ minutes to update.

*Logged into C9 with MS Edge and preview works in real time as it is suppposed to. MS Edge 38.14393.0.0 & MS EdgeHTML 14.14393

*Also had the same success with MS IE 11 version 11.447.14393.0


I am having the same problem in Chrome. When I change the name of the file then the view reflects the changes, but if I change back to the original name the view reflects the older state of that file. I am running Chrome OS so I don’t really have another browser option except through my crouton installation. And if that’s the case I may as well just use VS Code :stuck_out_tongue:

Note: If I open the file in the terminal via “cat filename.js” the changes are seen there. It’s just in the preview that it does not update.

FIX: I posted a fix earlier that stated that clearing the cache worked. Tried that again and it doesn’t… So, here’s another solution! Restart the runner for the project. The bottom panel when the application is running you’ll see a ‘Stop’ button. Beside that there’s a ‘Restart’ button. I hit that and refreshed my preview page and it worked fine.

Hope this helps!


As of June 13, 2017, same issue persists.

Only file name change seems to work.


I have this same issue just running a node express serving static content. Could c9 guys take a look at it already?