Not possible to change plan - Workspace read only mode



From this afternoon it appears a white stripe with written:
“Your workspace is in Read-Only Mode because your account has ran out of quota for this type of workspace. Please visit your subscription page to buy more resource”.
Now is impossible to change the plan, because the button to change the plan is not visible, (maybe is hidden by the up stripe), so Im blocked to do everything


@bradydowling, please, can you help me?


Can you post a screenshot of what it looks like, I’m not sure I understand…


Yes, I send you the screenshot. This is the problem:


And is the subscription page fine? Can you screenshot that if it’s not?


Yes, the subscription page is ok, but I want to continue with free plan… How can I to continue?


Looks like your workspace was 5gb of disk and 1gb of ram when free workspaces are only allowed 2gb of disk and 512mb of ram. I’ve given you a trial for a day so you can jump in and resize it down. Hope this helps!


Now I believe that I have resized correctly, I will check tomorrow if the error continue also if I hope not. :smile:

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:


I have the same issue. What should I do?