Not Loading - Files/Terminal/Workspace


I was working this morning and suddenly my project went down. I refreshed my browser and suddenly none of my files or tabs were loading. The tabs just keep spinning and nothing ever loads, and the file directory is empty (loading perpetually).

I tried restarting the workspace but I get a timeout error. The usage stats are all at zero. I loaded up another workspace and it seems to be working fine, so it appears the issue is just with this one workspace.

Any help here would be greatly appreciated.


Just checked my workspace and it appears everything has suddenly loaded. This looks to be resolved (for now). I’ll post back if problems persist. Thank you


@scpinion had like the exact same problem. I feel bad because mine is working without a hitch.


Yeah it was strange. One workspace was working great, but my other one was not loading at all and was stalled out for over an hour (which has never happened before - it usually loads within seconds).

Either way, it’s looking okay now!


mine just started working as well. Whatever the issue was, it has been resolved.