Normalize.css <link> not working


#1 you can see the "link rel = “stylesheet” style = “text/css” href = “/css/normalize.css” because I have my normalize.css in my folder “css”

The problem is, the linking of the css seems to be glitchy. ex, im going to change the font to “fantasy” and then it looks like a different font.

But, when I open the preview, or switch out of the CSS development tab, it turns back to fantasy font

and when I refresh again, it becomes the standard font again

(this continues every time I refresh it, and in the workspace, it kind of just flips back and forth between the standard font and the fantasy font… I’m not sure what is happening.

Then, when I save the css file, it just stays at the normal font, and doesnt change.

same with the development preview

Anybody have a solution? Or how to do a normalize.css in cloud9?


I could not post the screenshots, because “new members cannot post more than 2 links”


both screenshots seem to be broken.
Could you share a link to the ide, if it’s a public workspace, someone can help you to debug the issue

does that work?


when you open preview as your css will be at, but href = "/css/normalize.css" tries to load instead which doesn’t exist. Use relative path like href = "./css/normalize.css"


Try Typing This Link:

< link rel=“stylesheet” type=“text/css” href="/css/normalize.css" />

<link not < link to be able to see it

i hope is works :slight_smile:


Thank you, I did the “/css” because I thought that WAS the format for a relative link, how does the “.” in front of the “/css” change it?


say you have a page at, then
// will take protocol from current url and resolve to
/ will take domain
some/path or ./some/path will be relative to the index.html:
and “…/some/path” will go one level up



so in other words, the “.” clarifies that it is a relative domain? (sorry, I must fully understand something before I use it too often)