(Noob) Opening new tab from file tree without replacing current one?


Hey guys, c9 noob here (over from Nitrous).

In the Rails work space, when I click on a file in the file tree it replaces the current tab. What I want it to do is create a new tab!

Also, when I click on a different tab than the one im currently on, the current one closes. Whats going on here?


Can you provide some screenshots and may I ask what browser you’re using? Also, please press Ctrl+Shift+i and post the errors you see there.


I’m using chrome, but I’m referring to the editor tabs inside c9. I just want it to create a new editor tab (inside c9) when I click on a new file in the file tree.

Surely this can be changed in preferences?

For instance, in this pic, if I click on another file in the file tree, it will replace this file in the editing window instead of opening up a new tab. This should be very simple.


Very interesting. Can you give us the link to the workspace if it is public, or message one of the @moderators so that they can join your workspace and see if they too experience the problem?


This is the preview feature, it opens preview for the file on the first click, and opens the file on double click.
You can disable it from preferences.