Non-profit pricing for a CoderDojo group


Hi everyone,

I’ve been a huge fan of c9 over the years and have encouraged many friends to use it. I loved it when I was all about using a Chromebook.

I’m currently working with a CoderDojo group in Denver ( where we teach kids 8-18 about STEM, mostly software development and basic web development skills. Many kids who attend do not have their own laptops and use a shared laptop which is really inconvenient for backing up their work so they can continue next weekend, etc…

I looked at the educator pricing for $1/teacher which I’m fine donating to the group, but that plan only allows one private project per student. Since many of these kids are building little microsites with their name/age/city/etc, obviously for personal security reasons we’d want to have more than one private project per student and I’m curious if there’s any flexibility for this?

Thanks in advance,


This isn’t something we’re offering right now, unfortunately. Education Team accounts function as a way to collaborate across accounts and share workspaces easily, and to invite users without them needing credit cards; that’s why these have the same limitations as Free accounts.