Nodejs v8 Support



When will c9 fully support the features of node version 8? In particular, the JavaScript syntax editor doesn’t recognize async functions as being defined, and the debugger doesn’t work. In the mean time, is there anything I can do to get the debugger to work for the latest version of node?


Yes, you can follow the quick upgrade guide here: How to update Node.js

$ nvm install 8


I used the update guide, but the problem is that the runner no longer works (I think the arguments it uses such as --nocrankshaft are depreciated). While I can still just type node app.js into the console, I’d like to still be able to get the c9 debugger working in the latest version too if possible.


The release of NodeJS 8 introduced major changes in the debugger. Unfortunately, those have not been implemented into Cloud9 yet, so debugging doesn’t work properly. If you want to use the Runner without annoying deprecation messages, create a runner, click on the runner dropdown at the top right (should be something like “Runner: Auto”), then click on “Node.js (default)”. Bring up the dropdown again, and click “Edit Runner”. Remove --nocrankshaft and replace --debug-brk with --inspect-brk. The deprecation messages should no longer appear. This does not make the debugger magically work, but it does make the runners work if you don’t want to use the command line.