Nodejs: Process exited with code: 9


Hi, I’m trying to run a new nodeJS application but every time I start it through the “run” tab the process exit before I can do anything. Even if I put a breakpoint in the code it doesn’t help, it won’t be hit. This is what I get in the console

[DEP0062] DeprecationWarning: node --debug and node --debug-brk are invalid. Please use node --inspect or node --inspect-brk instead.
Process exited with code: 9

If I try instead to start the code from the console (e.g. node app.js) it just start correctly. Am I missing something? Without the “run” tab I can’t debug :frowning:


This is an issue we’re looking into right now that’s arisen because we just pushed out an updated version of Node. Try turning off debugger mode in the Run panel (click the bug next to the Command box). Alternately, you can also run this manually by running your file through the terminal.


Thank you for the information, if I turn off debugger mode it works.
Anyway running the code in debug mode is very useful, please let us know when the issue is solved :slight_smile: