Node JS Version



Hi! When i started a node.js workspace i need it to be Node.js 6.0.0, but it auto installs version 4.5.0!
The program i am making NEEDS 6.0.0 because the Node Package uses new methods from 6.0.0 to run. Thanks, Jack


You have full control over each workspace you make. For updating Node, I’d suggest you have a look at Updating Node ;).


Thanks! i was also wondering, Can you enter the Desktop Enviroment of the VM in cloud9?


It would be very useful for my coding, because im very used to XFCE and Ubuntu Desktop Enviroments.


Have a look at this Installing XFCE will probably fill up your disk though so I wouldn’t expect to use it. Plus it’d be terribly slow. Not trying to be negative but I’d be shocked if it’s worth your time to even try getting it to work.


Welp, yep it didnt work…