Node.Js - TCP server



Hi guys, I am new to programming in Node.js; so i wanted to create a TCP server that can be accessed through external devices (e.g: from my friend’s laptop; connected to another network) .
So the thing is that I want to connect to the cloud and receive requests from them.
For instance, this is my code:

var net = require(“net”);

var server = net.createServer();

server.on(“connection”, function (socket){
var remoteaddress = socket.remoteAddress + “:” + socket.remotePort
console.log(“new client !”);
server.on(“data”, function (d){
console.log(“DATA from %s: %s”, remoteaddress, d)

server.listen(5554, function () {
console.log(“server listening to %j”, server.address());

i want to be able to connect to the cloud on port ‘5554’ and im not sure how to get the IP of my cloud, however, i have tried getting the IP address and tried connecting to it, it did not work out.
My main goal is to connect to the TCP server from my friends laptop and allow the cloud to receive string from him.