Node.js always reverted to v4.5 after workspace reboot (from sleep)


I work with a newer node.js that I installed manually from bash through nvm. But each time the workspace is shut down (I’m on a free tier right now) and restart, the node.js runtime is reverted to v4.5

Is there anyway to let Cloud9 keep the new version (or at least automatically install the new runtime for me)? I guess the container i initially picked (using the node.js template) probably contains the older version. Not sure if I need to pick another one or build something from scratch to avoid this?


Did you try to use “nvm alias default v5.12.0” if for instance you want to use v.5.12.0 as your default version ?

Then, you can check which version is installed with “nvm list” and delete the one you do not need with “nvm uninstall xxxxx” where xxxx is the version you want to uninstall.