No monospace fonts?


My editor and terminals were only displaying in times new roman. In preferences, all the default monospace fonts were listed though. I reset to factory defaults and it’s still not displaying in the fonts listed.


Do you have any custom styles on, either through your browser or through your stylesheet? What happens if you add ?reset=1 to the end of your IDE URL?


I’m not using any custom styles, and adding ?reset=1 to the URL had no effect – still displaying times new roman font.
(which is an issue because it’s mucking up my cursor placement)


what OS/browser do you use? this can be caused if monospace font is not installed on the system, or is overridden by browser extension or a setting


I’m using Chrome 64.0.3282.186 (Official Build) (64-bit) (cohort: Stable) on Windows 7. In case the info helps, this just started happening the other week. I was using this rig for months with no problems. It also is not an issue if I use IE (shudder the thought!) on this Windows 7 machine or if I’m on my Macbook.


Do you have any extensions installed, if yes try opening the ide in incognito tab, if that doesn’t help check the setting for fixed width font in chrome://settings/fonts?search=fonts


Thanks, that solved it! “Times New Roman” was the default monospace font in Chrome’s settings for some reason. Switched it to a proper monospace font and now the IDE is displaying nicely.