No content after restoring Wordpress installation




i was making a website on c9/wordpress for my school project i never worked with c9 or wordpress (never did anything related to making a website)

I made a backup of my c9 workspace and stored it on my harddrive.
Last week i made the biggest mistake ever and instead of deleting a workspace i deleted my c9 account -_-

My question is how the hell do i uploud my backup onto my workspace on my new account ??

I hope somebody will help me it is a matter of live and death :sweat_smile:



You can create a new workspace and in the IDE, go to the menu and click on File -> Upload Local Files.
Hope this helps!




I created a new workspace and uplouded the tar file the backup made.
i used this command tar -zxvf Thenameofthebackupfile.tar.gz.

it unpackd or restored everything on cloud9, i if i look in the folders i can see the images etc i uplouded on to wordpress site.

uplouding and restoring in c9 was a succes !

But when i login to the wordpress site it is completly empty how do i restore my files into wordpress now ?
i hope you can understand me

With kind Regards,



The content on your site is empty because Wordpress stores all content in the database (typically MySQL). Here is official documentation on backing up a Wordpress site (including information about backing up the database).