Newbie: No workspace is bound to this domain



I’m brand new to Cloud9. User name larrykluger

I created a public project / workspace from the node template named node_template

I started the server in Cloud9 and the curl -v command in the bash window works fine.

When I open a new browser tool to it doesn’t work.
I get No workspace is bound to this domain in the browser



OK, I figured it out.

Contrary to what the ReadMe says, the public address is NOT ALWAYS (The docs are wrong.)

Instead, to find the url, use Preview / Preview Running Application

Then note the URL used.

In my case, the projectname included an underscore which was turned into a hyphen. (Without me being told about it.)

I urge the product team to fix this documentation error. Many devs would have given up when it didn’t work as promised.