New workspace with too much LOW DISK


i use nodejs and mongoDB
and when i start mongod
it says that i need more space (somewhere 3Go)
can you allow again the workspaces with 1Go RAM and more important the 5Go HARD DISK ???
that it used to be ?

cause i had two of them , and i would like to change one of them to a new git repo
and does too much coimplicated , since the clone by repo is so fast and good


You can’t resize workspaces unless you get a paid account. If you need more and you use c9 often, consider an upgrade.


thats the problem ,
because i got wider size before for free and i could test my code
but right now i cannot
that is not really cool
cause it sounds blackmail to me…
cause what you could do yesterday for free should stay for free today too

i was planning to buy directly a server here for production, but since i cannot test my code anymore here i will do it else were …

im still a beginer and not comfortable buying a server for something that i still not master…


Yes, Cloud 9 had a higher quota for free accounts for a while. But they were forced to set the quota back to their original 2GB disk space, since free users cause tons of loads without intending to pay for the service. It was simply a business decision. And, that’s just my opinion, a decision I can understand.

I don’t think it’s blackmail. I also don’t think that something that is free today should be free tomorrow as well. It costs a lot of money to serve free users and to provide support.

If you’re new to programming, just run the stuff on your local machine. Don’t use such services unless you need them. But again, that’s my opinion.


It’s quite unfortunate. But I still do not think the premium plans are for production either, or am I wrong?


What do you mean? Cloud 9 isn’t a production environment - you do this on the platform of your choice (your own VPS or a cloud service).

For me, Cloud 9 is a development environment where I can easily spin up a Ubuntu machine, don’t have to deal with a local setup, just clone it down and start working (from anywhere). Hence the slogan “Your development environment, in the cloud” on their landing page.

I love it and I’m happy to pay a few bucks a month for this service because it makes my life easier (and that is what counts).


Yes, my thoughts exactly. Just referring to OP saying that he was planning on upgrading to premium for “production”, not sure if I read correctly.