New SSH Workspace I Didn't Create


Logged in this morning to find this new random SSH workspace on my account that I didn’t create. When I click “Open,” I get a “Not Found” error. I don’t seem to be able to delete this workspace either. Seems to be a bit weird. Already changed my password, but just thought it was a little weird/freaky. Wondering if someone gained unauthorized access to my account? Cheers!


That is an interesting case. May you share your C9 profile, i.e.: mine is :link: :hand: :smiley:


Turns out this is a race condition and we’re looking into a solution for it. It’s pretty rare but there was one other case of it. I’ve removed the workspace from your account but of course report here if it happens again.


Thanks a lot for reporting this. You ran into a very rare race condition, where the workspaces is listed under your name without actually giving you access rights. We have identified and fixed the problem so it won’t happen again.


Thanks all for your help! Guess weird stuff happens to all of us. Cheers!