New File Line Endings Not Being Applied


I have my new file line endings set to CRLF in the settings, but they are not being applied to any new file I create. Each new file automatically gets set to Unix(LF) in spite of what you see in the image below. Needless to say, it is very frustrating that I have to go back in each new file created and reset the line endings to my preference, and even then it takes several tries of that before I can get my build process to stop throwing errors around this issue. Please fix this. Thank you.



how do you create new files? using the plus button or in some other way?


I use the touch command in the command line. I feel that whatever my options are, they should be applied regardless of method of creating new files.


So, that’s it? You’re going to just let it hang like that for the past week without anything to say? Cloud9 IDE can just decide to use different line endings than what I selected as my options, and sometimes it’ll do so in the middle of a build, but I’m going to be left behind without so much as a ‘So long!’? This is extremely poor customer service. This thread has guaranteed that I will be transferring my projects to another platform as soon as I am able.

Thanks for nothing.


Is data being written to these files after the touch through the IDE or through a terminal output? Any terminal writing will be set to the Linux default considering that that is being run entirely though the Ubuntu 14.04 instance backing your workspace; this configuration is for the Ace editor built into the IDE.