New custom keybinding or keyboard shortcuts



It would really if there was an easy way to create new short-cuts not only saving developers using Cloud 9 time but helping the staff of Cloud 9 since there seems to be a couple of requests for custom keybinding or keyboard shortcuts in different posts over this community. I mention it because in other environments it seems they have this awesome shortcuts that let you for example insert a snippet surrounding some selected text which is veeery helpful in saving time since most of code usually is inside other code. An example of what it could be:

{ “command”: “insert_snippet”,
“keys”: { win: “Ctrl-Alt-o”, mac: “Ctrl-Alt-o” },
“args”:{ “contents”: “<“p”>”{0:{SELECTED_TEXT}}"<"/p">"} }

Take into a account that you can already custom pre-existing keybinding or keyboard shortcuts so I assume it shouldn´t be so hard to do that extra step of allowing new custom keybinding or keyboard shortcuts.