New colaborators to existing old project?



WE have a long running project in cloud9 which we wish to add a new team member to collaborate on , however he cant sign up for an account, he has to sign up for an AWS cloud 9 account…

Her in lies a lot of issues, are we best to move the project to AWS cloud9 ? is there anyway to get a new cloud9 user set up to collaborate on older projects ?


I could not find a way to add a new team member that wasn’t there before the Amazon takeover, and AWS does not have the same features as Cloud9. Truly replacing Cloud9 would be a great business opportunity. If someone does find a replacement that is close to the Cloud9 we loved, please let me know. I’m still angry at Amazon for not giving us support or a good replacement.


As long as I understand there is no way for any person who is a new member to register to

The only way maybe to share an environment with someone wil be with the student plan.

And certainly don’t know if aws c9 has the same functionalities as this c9.