Never set account password then logged out


When I create the cloud9 account, I forgot set my password on cloud9 , and write many code in there, one day I logout ! Now I can’t login in my account again without not setting password ! I am a chinese student with poor English, I can’t find the solution with myself . Help me!


In order to regain access to your Cloud9 account you can reset your password here: reset your password. When you do that, be sure to add to your contacts list to ensure that emails don’t get sent to your spam. If you do not an email for reseting your password then check your spam folder and your trash to make sure there isn’t one there.

If you have connected Github or Bitbucket to your Cloud9 account, you can login with one of those services. Aside from that, we’re not able to provide any special access to accounts.


thank you so much! I love you