Need xml properties for my own file extensions like .msp , .mmd, .mmr,etc



Hi All,

Can I write a plugin so that i can get xml properties like colorization, auto completion of tags and auto suggestion of tags to my own file extensions like .mmd, .mmr, .msp, …etc…?

What is the best way to achieve that in cloud9 IDE …?


Exact same requirement I need too. Please reply if anybody has solution for this problem.


changing syntax to xml from statusbar should work.
See also Default Syntax for a given file extension


I tried with that code but it’s not working, I just pasted that code in load() function…was it correct? If not please give us working code for myplugin.js file.

My main intention is to know where i need to put that code in .js file?


using modelist.js file in core code library how can i do the same without plugin?



Hi All, any idea how to write plugin to modify user.settings file