Need workspaces with more than 10GB of space


I’m trying to use Cloud 9 to complete Udacity’s machine learning program and I’ve ran into space limits. I need about 12 gigs and I can’t go any further in the class.

I know when I first signed up to cloud 9 you could make 40gb workspaces is there anyway to pay more for more disk space?


Create a droplet on Digital Ocean and use this container with c9? Would this be an option for you?


10GB is the largest disk space we currently offer on our hosted workspaces. There are multiple reasons for not allowing larger than that, but ultimately this decreases the stability of workspaces and we’re not willing to compromise the quality of Cloud9 for this.

To use workspaces with larger disk space, premium users can try out our SSH workspaces, which allow you to work on a remote server of your choice with the Cloud9 IDE. So, for example, you can hook up a DigitalOcean droplet that you own with Cloud9 and work directly on that.